'1984' by George Orwell

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'1984' by George Orwell

Adapted & Created by Shake & Stir Theatre Co

The critically acclaimed production that stunned audiences in Brisbane in 2012 hits the road for a four-month National Tour and arrives in town for a strictly limited season.
George Orwell wrote 1984 in 1948 as a prediction of our future and 66 years on the themes resonate deeply, making the novel a reappearing title on many “must read” book lists.
“The parallels between what Orwell explored and what we are experiencing in the 21st century are frighteningly accurate – and not just in politics but in many facets of modern living.” Co-Artistic Director and Co-Adaptor Nick Skubij says.
“How he managed to depict facing (and what we’d do to avoid) our biggest fear is also something we were really keen to explore.” Skubij continues.
The contemporary relevance is not the only scary aspect to the production. “It’s our aim to keep the story as dark, twisted and grotesque as it can be – it’s Big Brother meets Saw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 – we are blurring the lines between reality and horror.” Skubij states.
The story is set in Oceania; a Nation perpetually at war, where cameras watch every move and Thought Police patrol the streets in search of traitors. A place Winston Smith calls home. By day, Winston is an editor at the Ministry of Truth, rewriting history to align the past with the radical political agenda of the ruling party and its illusive leader, Big Brother. By night, Winston pursues a forbidden love affair with the mysterious Julia in an attempt to rebel against the oppressive regime set down by the party and maintain some control over his otherwise totally controlled life. When Winston and Julia are discovered, they are violently separated, detained and prepared for conversion.
From the team that brought you Animal Farm, this new stage adaptation brings George Orwell’s final novel screaming into the present.
“Following the success of our Animal Farm National Tour last year, we are thrilled to be presenting another production that is just as visceral, thought provoking and appealing to audiences of all ages around the country once more.” Skubij said.
Her Majesty’s, Ballarat – May 31 & June 2
GPAC, Geelong – June 5, June 6 & June 7
COPAC, Colac – June 11
Lighthouse Theatre, Warrnambool – June 13
The Capital Theatre, Bendigo – June 20 & June 21