Zep Boys

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Zep Boys

Singer Vince Contarino was a founding member of the Zep Boys that formed in 1986.

In the 38 years of their existence, he has guided the band through hundreds of tours, thousands of gigs and numerous line-up changes.

They began in Adelaide with the intention of playing a few “one off shows” just for the fun of it because they loved Led Zeppelin.

After almost 20 years of touring from those initial gigs in 1986, Vince decided to approach The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra for a collaboration.

In July 2005 Zeppelin Flies Again (Zep Boys and Adelaide Symphony Orchestra) took its first flight. It was an astonishing success.

Since then the Zep Boys have performed with Orchestras at the Sydney Opera house through to the Hammersmith Odeon in London and all over the UK and Europe.