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Zambrero is Mexican with a mission: a healthy quick service restaurant as well as humanitarian enterprise committed to tackling world hunger. It does this via its Plate 4 Plate charity initiative, which means for every burrito or bowl (all the goodness of a burrito without the tortilla) sold, one meal is donated to someone in need around the world or living in an underprivileged Australian community.
Zambrero’s menu features all the Mexican favourites such as tacos, burritos and nachos, but what distinguishes Zambrero’s food from that served by most quick service restaurants is its focus on nutritious meals bursting with true flavour. Selections include slow-cooked meats spiced with herbs, the freshest of accompaniments from lettuce to fiery jalapenos and a range of sides such as homemade guacamole. There is also a selection of six inspired sauces, found only at Zambrero, to complete your meal. Zambrero Mexican restaurants also make a point of catering for dietary requirements, so diners need only click on the website to check kilojoules, or whether a meal is gluten free, dairy free or more.
Since Zambrero was founded by Dr Sam Prince in 2005, Plate 4 Plate has resulted in more than 4.5 million meals being delivered to those who need them the most. The distribution channel overseas is managed by Stop Hunger Now and in Australia via a partnership with the country’s largest food relief agency Foodbank.
“Just by a clever tweak of our award-winning business model means that where and what you eat for lunch and dinner can make a difference to someone else less fortunate,” said Zambrero general manager Karim Messih. “Our Plate 4 Plate initiative means that every time you eat at Zambrero, you’re helping to feed the world’s hungry.”


Plate 4 Plate 101

What is Plate 4 Plate?
Plate 4 Plate is Zambrero’s way of tackling world hunger. For every burrito or bowl (all the goodness of a burrito without the tortilla) purchased at Zambrero, a meal is donated to someone in need in the developing world or in an underprivileged Australian community.
How many Plate 4 Plate meals have been provided to date?
Zambrero has funded over 4 million meals for those in need worldwide since it was established in 2005.
How does Zambrero support global efforts to end world hunger?
Zambrero doubles its commitment to ending world hunger on World Food Day October 16. This annual major fundraising initiative sees Zambrero double its donations and provide two meals to those in need for every burrito or bowl sold that day in its 70+ restaurants.
How does Plate 4 Plate get meals to the hungry?
Via Zambrero’s distribution partner Stop Hunger Now, an international hunger relief agency. Stop Hunger Now packs and distributes food to countries where many do not have access to adequate nutrition, primarily through school feeding programs. Locally, Zambrero partners with Australia’s largest food relief agency Foodbank.
Why primarily via schools?
Providing a hot meal during school gives parents, particularly in developing nations and poorer communities, an incentive to send their children to school. This helps ensure a child receives their primary school education which is the first step in breaking the poverty cycle. Education is the major way in which to improve the quality of life in disadvantaged communities, whether it be in maternal health, childhood mortality, gender equality or combating HIV/AIDS. And addressing the problem of hunger is the single point where Zambrero can leverage relief for all humanitarian issues.
What constitutes a Plate 4 Plate meal?
A meal is a dehydrated combination of rice and soy fortified with 21 essential vitamins and nutrients. Researchshows that one in three people in developing countries suffer vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Where do meals provided via the Plate 4 Plate initiative go?
Stop Hunger Now has shipped meals to 65 countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas to date. In 2014 Stop Hunger Now sent meals to 34 countries including Cambodia, Haiti, Liberia, Nicaragua, Philippines, Sierra Leone and Vietnam. Stop Hunger Now operates meal-packaging locations in 18 US cities and in South Africa, Malaysia and Italy.
How does Stop Hunger Now determine where to ship meals and how does it ensure meals are received by the people who need them?
Stop Hunger Now works with in-country partners who submit food requests for assessment based on the following criteria: accountability, resources to pay for shipping and manage customs process, capacity to securely store donated meals, and ability to maintain control of the donated food from receipt to distribution. Partner organisations agree not to barter or sell the donated meals, which keeps the Stop Hunger Now food out of the general market.

Zambrero Geelong West is now open on Pakington Strand, Cnr Waratah and Pakington Street from 7 days from 11:00am-10:00pm.
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