Z-Star Delta

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Z-Star Delta

Z-Star Delta (made up of Gritty vocalist Zee Gachette and guitarist Sebastian Heintz) have become well-known for their energetic performances, with the pair’s style having evolved into a modern mix of rich country blues and desert rock. To coincide with their fast approaching tour, they’ve just released their long-awaited debut EP. We chat to the duo.

Hi guys, thanks for taking some time to chat with us here at Forte. To kick things off, can you tell us a bit about how Z-STAR DELTA came to be?

ZD: The band was creatively conceived on our first tour of Australia. This was also the first time that we were on a long tour together. Originally we performed songs from the mothership (Z-STAR) unplugged, but some tracks didn’t convert to the duo format and so we just started jamming new ideas. By the end of the tour we had written a heap of new songs that would ignite our transformation into Z-STAR DELTA.

You’re set to return to Australia with your Face The Iron Ram Tour, in support of your debut EP. Where have you sourced inspiration from for the tracks on this album?

ZD: All of the tracks on the EP apart from the first track were streams of consciousness, birthed from late night jams. Inspired by love, emotions and the laws of attraction.

And what has the recording process be like?

Zee: It’s exciting and challenging. We’re very similar in our studio work ethic, record ’til you drop. Working together is a lot of fun, we love to experiment with sounds, recording styles, microphone positions, software plugins. The majority of the recording process happens at my studio in the UK, with production and mixing which I gravitate more towards, but Seb is the best studio wingman.

You have an impressively huge sound for a two-piece band. What do you each contribute to the duo and how do you feel you work to compliment each other?

Zee: We’re both prolific writers and we love to play live. Plus we are addicted to raising the bar creatively which keeps us fresh, makes the tunes exciting for us to deliver every time. We’re both multi-instrumentalists. Currently Seb is unleashing lead guitar/bass/synth/loops/BVs and I smash the drums, acoustic guitar and lead vocals.

We hear you’re off the back of electrifying audiences at Glastonbury. Can you tell us a bit about what this experience was like?

ZD: Glasto was off the hook, the best yet! Dry and sunny, tons of stages with great acts (as always). It was just happening… pure magic. We played three shows over three days. The audiences were incredible, and we even met some Aussie fans there. Unforgettable!

What hopes and dreams are held for the future of Z-STAR DELTA?

ZD: This is an exploration vessel. So more songs, more sounds, more synchronicity. We’d love to jam with John Butler at Yama Nui studios, record at Third Man studios with Jack White…and play BluesFest in Byron Bay.

Thanks again for chatting with us. Any final words?

ZD: VOTE YES! Watch out for our debut single ‘I Put A Spell On You (Z-Star Delta Version)’ which is coming sooooon.

When & Where: The Spa Bar, Daylesford – November 2, Deep West Block Party, Werribee – November 4 & The Loft, Warrnambool – November 9