You’ll never regret a quick detour to The Cheesecake Shop

You’ll never regret a quick detour to The Cheesecake Shop

Some things in life are just better together. Bert and Ernie. Gin and tonic. Cheese and cake.

Since its beginnings in Ancient Greece, the humble pairing of cheese and cake has evolved over the centuries and rightly found its place on menus and in bellies around the world… and we cannot go past the particularly indulgent, cheesy masterpieces from The Cheesecake Shop.

From the traditional classics to the outrageously wicked, there’s a cheesecake for every tastebud, for every occasion, and unapologetically, even every day.

With two stores in Geelong, one in Leopold and one in Belmont, you’ll find a number of enticing creations like blueberry cheesecake, wild strawberry cheesecake, a French glaze vanilla continental cheesecake, wildberry baked cheesecake, Mississippi baked cheesecake, and the holy grail of dessert with an American baked cheesecake. Your grandmother will have to forgive us, but it truly is the best cheesecake.

If you’re not totally sold on cheese, or just want to mix it up every now and then, The Cheesecake Shop dabble in a number of other options. There’s the black forest torte, strawberry fields torte, double choc strawberry torte, caramel mudcake, double choc mudcake, rainbow cake, and even the iconic Aussie pavlova.

Our favourite non-cheesy dessert though would have to be the black forest torte – a divine layered creation of chocolate sponge, vanilla cream and sour cherries, garnished with Belgian chocolate on top… tempting right?

While we can’t resist the unmistakable combination of tangy texture and sweetness that is cheesecake (we have no self-control), the team understands that everyone needs dessert and thus cater to a range of dietary requirements with their vegan cakes. You’ll find a delicious vegan chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and a vegan strawberry chocolate cake with strawberry frosting – completely dairy-free!

To celebrate the creamy, comforting dessert (because why not?), we’ve teamed up with these cheesecake legends for one damn fine offer. There’s a special voucher* in this issue (pick up your free copy around town) that gets you $10 off any full-size cake! This means you can waltz into the shop and score that mouth-watering American baked cheesecake for just $19.95. Not bad hey? This promotion ends on October 31 2019 so schedule your dinner parties, high teas and literally any other dessert-worthy occasion ASAP.

Whether you’re after a slice, a quarter, mini cake, tart, a cheesecake cup or going all the way with a full-size cake, you’ll never regret a quick detour to The Cheesecake Shop.

You can find The Cheesecake Shop at 112A Mt Pleasant Rd, Belmont, and at the Gateway Plaza Leopold (621-659 Bellarine Hwy).

*Discount offer not available for midi size cake, vegan or gluten-free cake purchases. Not to be used with any other offer. One offer per person and only to be used once.