You can now watch full episodes of ‘Round The Twist’ on YouTube

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You can now watch full episodes of ‘Round The Twist’ on YouTube

Rejoice, pop culture nerds and lovers of classic Australiana, because some legend has just uploaded full episodes of Round The Twist on YouTube. We were just getting bored in self-iso but now we’ve got this, the heralded Australian adolescent TV show that celebrated classic Aussie upbringings and wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries of broadcasting.

There were more weird moments in Round The Twist than not but that’s how it stood out from the crowd. The weirdities were often subtle but so effective, igniting short circuits of laughter that stemmed from its unfathomability. The kids were gross and little Bronson could never tame his imagination. His character in itself encapsulated the imaginative child growing up in a peculiar neighbourhood.

It was so eccentric that the TV show explored many topics that were considered faux pas for teenage television, which meant the Australian Children’s Television Foundation struggled to find a distributor for the show.

Across four seasons, Round The Twist embodied 52 episodes and stretched from its initial broadcast in 1990 all the way until 2001. It’s opening theme song has become time-honoured nostalgic gem.

Not all episodes are up as yet, but the ACTF will be gradually uploading episodes by the week.

Dive into season 1, episode 1 here:

Check out the rest of the episodes here.

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