You can now explore the world from your living room for free

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You can now explore the world from your living room for free

Words by Jessica Magtalas

International travel is back on – virtually of course.

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has definitely ruined future 2020-2021 travel plans to Japan, or your months arranged Contiki trip with the mates. Here at Forte, we’re certainly feeling the withdrawals of getaways and the relaxing escape of a vacation.

Fortunately, Girls Travel Tours has designed a way for avid travellers to get their dose of voyage from home. All for free and through zoom, this organisation has launched virtual travel events on their Facebook page, encouraging others to take a vacay even while on the couch.

While virtual travel is nowhere near the same as physically being there, Girls Travel Tours has captured the essence of different cities through a screen – but hey, this could even inspire you to take up future trips for when international travel is back!

Located in the Philadelphian suburbs of the USA, Girls Travel Tours promotes travel for girls, girl scouts and their families. Sending those interested on fun and educational trips all over the world to deepen their understanding of other cultures.

With almost ten thousand total followers on their Facebook page, take a walk through the streets of St Petersburg, Madrid’s Prado Museum or even a quick road trip from Pompei to the Amalfi Coast – without having to worry about those plain ticket expenses.

There’s even an African safari coming up that will let you explore Hwange National Park and Zimbabwe.

Check out the events via their Facebook page here.