You can get your hands on pulled pork stuffed donuts this weekend

You can get your hands on pulled pork stuffed donuts this weekend

Maple Bakery is making father's day one to remember.

There’s no hiding the fact that Canadians have a sweet tooth, especially with bakeries creating swoon-worthy butter tarts (with or without raisins), almost too-pretty-to-eat sugar cookies, and cakes that look like works of art.

Giving locals a piece of that action, Torquay’s Canadian-inspired café and bakery Maple Bakery Surfcoast has become renowned for its sweet pastries, comforting warm desserts and of course, the flavour of maple syrup used in creative ways.

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Now the creative chefs have created a sensational combination of sweet and savoury flavours with a pulled pork donut. Sensational.

Potentially the most decadent, soul-fulfilling pork sammie (kind of) you will ever bite into, this treat gives you the same delicious warmed doughnut you’re used to, but with crisp edges and a hearty helping of the world’s best-pulled pork.

Available this Sunday only, the pulled pork donut is a limited edition for Father’s Day, and comes with a cinnamon beavertail and coffee, all for just $20.

Order can be done in-store or by phone on 0476 421 051. They must be placed by 1pm on Friday, September 3 2021.

If the donut doesn’t excite you, expect to find the likes of Salted caramel popcorn brownies, mom’s Nanaimo Canadian bar, lemon meringue baby cakes, raspberry and white chocolate blondies, rustic banana loaf, brownie-based cheesecake, and ginger and molasses cookies with lime cream.

Other treats the bakery make include honey crunch caramel brownies, zucchini rockies bread, maple and pecan macarons, choux macas, bagels and pretzels, Brampton pecan and maple danish, pumpkin maple tarts with toasted pecan streusel, whoopies, carrot cale loaf, Beaver Tails, Nutella donut, quiche, artisan banana cake, and the classic maple bakery granola bar.

Maple Bakery is located at 40/10 Cylinders Drive, Torquay.