You Cain Do It

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You Cain Do It

30 years ago. When you start a story with ’30 years ago’, you begin to feel like an old man shaking his fist at the clouds. Anyway, many bands took their first musical steps in the year we call 1984. Adelaide’s The Mark of Cain is one such band. Formed by the Scott brothers, John and Kim, along with Rod Archer and Roger Crisp, the band would have a reshuffle before releasing their debut album, Battlesick, in 1989. Their third album, the 1995 Henry Rollins-produced Ill at Ease, became their breakthrough release. The band has been on the road since the end of October in support of single ‘Greg-11’, a track that features longtime pal, Henry Rollins. John Scott: “I wrote about someone coming back from a bad conflict anywhere, and that the thought of coming back to their family or girlfriend or boyfriend is what kept them going [through] Hell, only to find they’ve even betrayed by the very people they relied on – and who else would get that but Rollins who tours war zones and visits combat casualties in Europe and the US. Rollins gets us, he knows our shit. When called he responded.” The Barwon Club, Geelong – December 19. The always raucous King of the North will provide support.