You Am I Get Regional

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You Am I Get Regional

You Am I have been doing a lot of thinking, that thinking has lead to the creation of the band’s 10th album, Porridge & Hotsauce, and also a national tour.
Tim Rogers says of the album’s inspiration: “A few years ago when we were given the opportunity to look back at some records we had done a while back. Whilst it was a blast, havin’ a peak behind us only compelled us to leap foolishly into the future. ‘Good Advices’ is about throwing away the script and clinging to your imagination as the only guide. We’ve trusted our wits so far, and if it got us here, this hopped up and rarin’ to go, our wits done good.”
The band will play Barwon Club in Geelong on October 29, Ulumbarra Theatre, Bendigo on November 1 and 170 Russell in Melbourne on December 4. Tickets are on sale from the website.