Yirrmal: Young Blood

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Yirrmal: Young Blood

Young Blood is the debut EP from Northern Territory native Yirrmal. Since moving to Geelong in 2011, he’s been performing, recording and gaining a buzz around his name; meaning the debut was always going to be full of quality tracks. Young Blood features five tracks; an acoustic sound with hints of folk and rock, as well as influences from his Indigenous background.

There’s an excellent break down in the track ‘Mayangan’ which features a didgeridoo and guitar. Yirrmal’s strong voice soaring between English and Yolngu Matha, his first language. The last track ‘Sunset Feeling’ is a moving combination of the acoustic guitar and piano, with Yirrmal’s vocal range putting many guys his age singing to shame. The authenticity to the production sounds suggests he will be excellent to see live. His rich voice combined with his lyrics tells the stories of dreams, the issues in society and his culture – a unique insight. Mentors Shane Howard and Neil Murray co-wrote some of the tracks, with Archie Roach’s voice backing some tracks as well.

Yirrmal is currently on tour for his EP, this is one not to miss.

Reviewed by Melissa Davis
Five stars