Y Street reveal feverish video for their latest single, ‘High Noon’

Y Street reveal feverish video for their latest single, ‘High Noon’

The Melbourne band take us on an epic action-packed ride to the wild west with their latest release.

Known for their experimental flare and notoriously explosive live set, Melbourne’s Y Street have switched lanes with their latest release ‘High Noon’, signifying a new chapter in the band’s career.

Right from the get-go, the garage-rock five-piece rip into a foreboding and driving beat, full of heavy distortion and foot thudding percussion that almost instantly leads into an epic shuffle and frontman Matthew Bullock’s fiercely delivered unapologetic vocals.

Harnessing rock and roll’s raw potential and unravished charm, ‘High Noon’ is a gritty, blistering track that sees the band experiment with different sounds and ideas, signalling a natural progression of Y Street’s sound. Following their previous single ‘Bottle’ released last year, the band have kicked it up a gear and combined their classic garage rock instrumentation with dirty 60s vibes, active drumming, and impassioned singing, resulting in an urgent, hard edge.

Reminiscent of the early work of The White Stripes and The Strokes, this song was born from the band wanting to capture the raw power of their high intensity live shows. With Bullock singing as if the microphone is hanging on for dear life, the fuzzy guitars, and mind-blowing lyrics, ‘High Noon’ manages to take their sound to a whole new level. Add in the stifling outro, and Y Street have you completely hooked with their sonic energy from start to finish.

Arriving alongside a brilliantly frenzied video that see-saws between footage of the band performing and scenes from the wild west, the near three-minute track tells the story of Old West icon Wyatt Earp hunting outlaws and fatal showdowns.

Showcasing the greatness of this high energy band with an epic action-packed Western ride, the surreal depiction of such a showdown tie in with the band’s playful nature in using theatrics to heighten the listener’s experiences – and anyone that’s ever seen them live can attest to exactly this.

A band that has crafted a winning formula with hit-making ramifications and giving everything in the moment, making music with diverse ingredients to form a unique flavour, ‘High Noon’ is a very brave single, but ultimately one that is incredibly beguiling and thrilling.

With several releases lined up for the not-too-distant future, this release is merely the beginning of a new and exciting period of the band’s career.

Check it out below and keep up to date with the latest from Y Street here.