Xavier Rudd

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Xavier Rudd

While many of us are indoors staring blankly into our computer screens or watching TV, chances are Xavier Rudd is outside spending time with his red heeler and taking in the inspiration the outback offers. “I like to be in the scrub and listening to the silence and the sounds and, I guess, that’s always been a huge part of the music and always will be. Ever since I was young I was always writing about that. I draw a huge inspiration from the land and spirits in the land,” Xavier says.
Listening to Xavier’s music instantly conjures up images of pristine Australian beaches and the deep red dirt from the country’s heart. As much as he respects the land, he admires those who first came to call Australia home and often sings about Indigenous issues as a result.
“It’s a crying shame and is definitely one of the most important issues in our country by far because it all relates to respecting the environment, respecting cultures and respecting the traditional ways,” he says.
Xavier’s wisdom far surpasses just his music, and in life he lives quite ethically as well. He is a long-time vegetarian and was even recognised by PETA and nominated as the ‘World’s Sexiest Vegetarian’.
“It’s kind of bizarre, I don’t know if they got it right to be honest but it was a little bit flattering and embarrassing at times,” he says.
It seems with all the fame Xavier has gained he’s still remained the same country beach-loving kid from Torquay that we first came to love. While it’s easy for us to admire all he’s done, Xavier was a little bit slower in realising everything he’s achieved.
“I’m always so in it that it’s a bit hard to stand outside it,” Xavier says. “It is a bit of a trip, there’s definitely not a day that goes by where I don’t give thanks. There’s a lot of great music and artists in the world and I’ve had some great opportunities and great support of the people, so it’s been a blessing.”
After already releasing seven albums, Xavier is set to release his eighth next year, adding to the great music he’s already produced. This time around Xavier has worked with United Nations and produced a very different sound.
“It’s really different but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m finally doing it so it’s exciting,” Xavier says.
While his new release is set to be a much more organic sound for Xavier, he will still be pulling out all the stops when he comes down to play Queenscliff Music Festival this November.
“I’ve played Queenscliff Music Festival once in my life and in my career and that was easily 10 years ago. It’ll be groovy. We’ll smash it, and we’re going to light that place up,” he says.
Despite being in the industry for around 10 years, Xavier still has an intense passion and appreciation for every moment he gets to spend on stage. While he’s looking forward to his performance this November, he’s also excited to see those early fans from when he played the festival years ago.
“I’m looking forward to getting back down to that country and seeing all the smiling people who were there for me in the beginning,” Xavier says.
When&Where: Queenscliff Music Festival – November 28-30
By Amanda Sherring