Written on the morning V-line commute to uni, Hassall asks that damned and difficult question “what are we?”

Written on the morning V-line commute to uni, Hassall asks that damned and difficult question “what are we?”

Words by Alice McDonald

She makes it sound easy.

The 21 year old singer songwriter and self confessed rambler has released a total bop for your summer night beer sesh. Described as “Countrysoulsexesque”, Hassall’s conversational style is reminiscent of Courtney Barnett’s debut ‘Pickles in a Jar’ back in 2014. It’s cool, it’s raw and it’s exactly the life of a 21 year old.

According to Hassall, this love struck tune is about “that real good bit at the start of a relo.” Perfectly encapsulating that nervous energy wrapped in sheer excitement. The excitement of being with someone new but not knowing if they feel the same way too. Starting off playing the tune on her now ex-boyfriend’s out of tune guitar is Hassall’s perfect analogy for finding true love in a tune.

Surf side, jangly guitar strums are what holds this tune – admittedly Hassall got her inspiration off a Skeggs tune and we’re all here for it.

The groove has that easy going feeling of jamming out with mates in someone’s empty garage. With the drum sound at the forefront of the tune and Hassall’s vocals clear and clean, ‘Have you told your mother about me’ feels fresh and new. Hassall’s cool and vibrant tone is inviting your ears to join in on the boogie. The vocals are a real standout on this track, with Hassall’s vocal performance being just as good live as in the studio. Mixed and mastered by Isaac Barter, this track has a sophisticated soundscape. With a joyous build to the final chorus you’ll feel more than just excitement for a new love – you’ll feel truly blissful. Which isn’t that what a new love is all about?


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There is serious development from Hassall in this track from her previous Bandcamp exclusive ‘Something about this season‘ a duet with Lionel Baker. Still a beautiful tune, ‘Have you told your mother about me’ is worlds ahead.

This tune is a true testament to the talent coming out of Geelong. Given this is Hassall’s first release, fans are itching to hear more. With past shows sold out, Victoria needs to be ready when Hassall hits that gigging stage again – it’s destined to be a good night. At only 21 this girl has set her mark as a true lyricist and musician in classic Aussie style. Check out Hassalls website to find out more about upcoming gigs or head on over to her Instagram.

If you’re more of a Bandcamp person, the digital track is going for $1. A little help goes a long way!

The track was released 1st October, go check out Hassall’s new single now here.