Words of a Mother

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Words of a Mother

Noni Hazlehurst has long been a part of our TV and film viewing. She played the lead in the miniseries Nancy Wake, The Shiralee and Waterfront. She had a regular role as Sharon Lewis on local soap opera The Box, before joining the cast of The Sullivans as Lil Duggan. Later, she hosted lifestyle program Better Homes and Gardens. Despite her many years and varied roles in TV and film, she is perhaps most fondly remembered as a Play School presenter, a position she held from 1978 to 2002. If being an actor/actress is about the search for new challenges, Noni has found hers in one-woman show, Mother. Based on the writings of Dorothy Hewett and the ancient Greek play Medea, the play was penned by Daniel Keene (Boxman) in just ten days and was written with the award-winning actress in mind. Mother sees Noni playing Christy, a woman who finds herself at the fringe of the world. Homeless and aging, Christy’s stories of her colourful life attract the curiosity of locals. Tackling issues of homelessness, isolation and poverty, Mother has received glowing reviews and shows are selling out. GPAC РAugust 5-8.