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A band that’s arguably been said as a solo project for Andrew Stockdale, proved somewhat otherwise when they stopped by Geelong on their long-awaited Gypsy Caravan tour. While there were a few whispers on stage that hinted at a lack of that mind-reading ability other bands possess onstage, they gelled nicely and extending songs twice, if not three times, longer than what they should have been with a mutual ease – and of course delight to the audience.

With a two-hour set, it allowed for the ultimate improvisation and showcase of the skills the band has. Just when you thought a song had finished, a glance would pass between band members and Stockdale would shred his way back into the song, throwing the audience back into the chorus once again. The band smashed through old favourites, ‘White Unicorn’, ‘Dimension’, ‘Woman’, ‘Mind’s Eye’ with ‘Joker and the Thief’ making its way as the encore song, as well as performing new hit ‘Gypsy Caravan’.

While showing his prowess as a guitarist and capturing the audience with his iconic vocals, Stockdale played with the crowd. Encouraging punters to get up on each other’s shoulders, clap along and toying the crowd with his questions, “Geelong, are you ready to enter another dimension?” it was a night where those off the stage felt just as if they were right there next to the three-piece.

Special mention goes to keyboardist/bass guitarist Ian Peres for using more energy than humanly thought possible in a set. Leaping around on stage, thrashing his fingers on the keys and all-round becoming a fantastical moving obstacle on stage, he was an entertainment and harnesses exactly what it is to be a performer. Hell, he even lifted his keyboard and waved it around during the encore.

Wool Exchange Entertainment Complex, Friday, May 19
Photographed and reviewed by Amanda Sherring