Wolf Alice: Creature Songs

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Wolf Alice: Creature Songs

After hearing the much-celebrated release ‘Bros’ from Wolf Alice, I was beyond excited to get my hands on their new EP, Creature Songs.
‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ shocks listeners harder than a slap to the face. This bold, sassy number draws you in and makes you wonder why you’ve never given them any attention sooner. Keeping up with their intense visceral sound, Wolf Alice maintains momentum for the distorted guitar and thrashing drums of ‘Storms’. Ellie Rowsell’s vocals lull you into a state of mesmerised bliss, while the mammoth wall of sound blasts your eardrums.
Fully aware of their powerful snarling tracks, Wolf Alice quickly slows things down with their remaining two tracks. ‘Heavenly Creatures’ and ‘We’re not the Same’ harmonise you from your shocked state inflicted earlier. Soft vocals, slow builds and the gentle plucks of guitar strings showcase in these tracks. They may be a break from the powerful tracks opening the EP, but they’re also a clear example of the untapped potential the young band has.
With a pretty much perfect four-track EP, Wolf Alice is definitely the band to watch of 2014. And I’m not alone in my opinion as the band was plugged by the likes of iTunes, NME and Hype Machine.
With a tour already mapped out for Britain, let’s hope they brave the 20-plus hour flight and bring their sweet sounds to Australia.
Release: Out now through Dirty Hit
Written by Amanda Sherring