With winter weekends incoming, Melbourne’s Kaiju Beer just released a warming seasonal beer to stock in your fridge

With winter weekends incoming, Melbourne’s Kaiju Beer just released a warming seasonal beer to stock in your fridge

Malty, chocolatey, roasty goodness.

Ohhhh, winter. You’re so close we can feel it (in our frozen toes) and no matter how many layers we put on, we’ll never be as warm as we are the moment we wake up in our oh-so toasty beds each morning. Unless of course we’re seated in front of a crackling fireplace with some of our fuller-bodied favourites: the lagers, the ales, the IPAs.

With snow well and truly on the way, there’s no greater excuse to treat yourself to a darker beer… specifically KAIJU!’s reliable seasonal release Cthulhu on the Moon Black IPA.

Released every autumn to mark the onset of the cooler seasons, this award-winning Black IPA is exactly what is needed to get you through those colder months. Those in the know lookout for this annual brew whenever the date ticks over – and the 2021 release doesn’t disappoint.

A complex malt bill, yet refreshing beer, delivers layers of roasty flavours, coffee and panela, offset by the kind of herbaceous hop profile, pretty much making it the perfect brew in the smack dab of winter.

Delivered in a bold and artistic can depicting a fun looking CTHULHU hanging out on the moon, the brew is full and incredibly satisfying with flavour intensity and bitterness balanced on a knife’s edge, this 6.5% can is sure to appeal to anyone that loves a decadent dark beer.

The high alcohol percentage is also pretty helpful in warming you up on those chilly evenings when your trusty Oodie just isn’t doing the trick.

In case you’re late to the party, KAIJU! is a range of hand-crafted boutique beer of uncompromising taste and quality from the Dandenongs. While there’s no doubt that the beer is awesome, what is most eye-catching about the products from South East Brewing Company is their use of vibrant colours and unique label designs (from graphic designer Mikey Burton), which is a direct reflection of the name KAIJU!, a Japanese word that means “strange creature.

With designs so eye-catching and fun, it only makes sense to make merchandise which we 100% recommend you check out. Whether you opt for a cheeky tee with one of the brew designs (including the CTHULHU can artwork) or you go for a simple branded tee, your wardrobe will be turning heads all year round.

As a precursor to the colder weather ahead (and it’s going to get damn cold this year), you need to seek this bevvie out, stat.

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