Winterbourne on being a trio, their upcoming tour and their love of ice-cream

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Winterbourne on being a trio, their upcoming tour and their love of ice-cream

You just know that if a tour is named after ice cream, it’s going to be a pretty sweet time.

And that is what indie-folk duo Winterbourne is all about.

Hailing from the Central Coast, James Draper and Jordan Brady will be embarking on their brilliantly named national My Perfect Sundae Tour.

“It was just kind of a joke, we thought of it when we did the EP, it was just a pun that we came up with and it was funny,” Jordan reveals, in reference to the play on words of their release ‘My Perfect Sunday’.

“And it worked out. We went and did a photo shoot and we got to eat like four ice creams and walk around Newcastle and just have a nice time. It’s going to be a pretty good tour if it’s ice cream themed.”

This tour is shaping up a little differently for the duo, who will be joined by a third member Josh Rea, a childhood friend of James’ from England.

“Josh just so happens to live very near to us now so it’s just this crazy coincidence and he’s going to play cello and keys and do a little bit of singing,” Jordan says. “It’s good because we’ve been doing this as a duo for a while and we always just wanted to be a bigger sound. We’ve done a five piece before and a four piece and now we figure we might as well try out a three piece.”

As for the trio been a continuing arrangement, Jordan says we’ll just have to wait and see.

“We kind of just change it depending on how we feel for various shows. We did the trio for a festival in the Central Coast just because Josh was available and we felt like doing it. We’ll just see what happens after this tour I guess… we might hate him,” he jokes.

With all three guys aboard their trusty 1989 Volkswagen, they will be road-tripping across the country, with Jordan admitting they actually rock out to their own psych-rock, acoustic and harmonic sounds on the drive.

“We listen to it [our music] a lot. We use our time driving to have a coffee and a read, and then put our demos on. We really get into our own music which is kind of weird, but really good because we work on ideas that way.”

Having spent years mastering their craft and busking along the entirety of Australia’s East Coast, the duo have since released two infectious EPs and supported the likes of The Rubens, Patrick James and Little May. Now the guys are moving away from the folk scene they began their career with, and are finding the sound have been striving for, influenced by the rock music they grew up listening to.

“We were heavily into that folk scene and we were just two guys with acoustic guitars and we had the mandolin and we were singing harmonies.

“The foundation stayed the same [for the second EP Pendulum], but we managed to get the feel and the sound that we wanted a little bit more accurately. And now it’s doing the same thing again. Now I think we are really finding our feet in terms of writing to the sound that we have, and particularly now with more members joining the band and that live sound getting more established.”

For the rest of 2017, the guys are keen to take a break from busking the streets and touring Australia in their Volkswagen so they can get into the studio and begin recording their debut album.

“We’ve got probably like thirty demos that we’ve come up with since our last EP came out, so we kind of just need organise our thoughts a little bit and get things together. Hopefully we’ll get an album out this year some time.”

Written by Talia Rinaldo

When & Where: Sooki Lounge, Belgrave – February 2, SUB, Melbourne – February 3 & The Worker’s Club, Geelong – February 4

Check out their Facebook page for more dates.