Winksy emerge with debut album, ‘My Anatomy’

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Winksy emerge with debut album, ‘My Anatomy’

Words by Staff Writer

The creative music project from Geelong based duo Willem Kingma and Kelli Blackmore draws from the greats; The Beatles, Velvet Underground, The Kinks and Harry Nilsson; along with contemporary inspirations Cut Worms and Foxygen.

Dive into the swirling sways of sixties melodies and jangle-pop jams in a rich revival of vintage sound and songwriting from Geelong/Melboune duo Winksy in their debut album My Anatomy. 

Out today, My Anatomy is nine-tracks of quirky lyrics sitting on a bed of captivating chords, soulful harmonies, dynamic drum shuffles and silky pedal steel lines that draws from a god level of influence including The Beatles, The Kinks, Velvet Underground and Harry Nilsson, whilst also making their own unique revivalism mark.

My Anatomy Track List

  1. My Anatomy
  2. Choke
  3. Kill Or Go Hungry
  4. Beyond The Bend
  5. Smile
  6. No One Else
  7. Twenty Twenty
  8. Ergoline Junkie
  9. Sport

Stream the album here.

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From the creative minds of gifted songwriter, illustrator, videographer and photographer Willem Kingma, and highly sought after polaroid photographer Kelli Blackmore, Winksy is a powerful partnership of innovative artistry, originality and intentional crafting. Kingma effortlessly transitions into expert musician and songwriter in the Winksy world, showcasing his remarkable versatility across various creative pursuits to build heartfelt lyrics and world build. It’s a balance that blends beautifully with Blackmore’s soulful harmonies and smooth guitar playing, drawing listeners in whilst sitting the duo in a place of enigmatic interest. It’s this mystic and wonder that has garnered Winksy a dedicated following.

Those skill sets have been translated into the making of My Anatomy across all creative elements including song crafting, live performance and album artwork. Each harmony, sketch, chord, collage, polaroid, and pop of colour contributes to the album’s magnificence, offering audiences a complete sensory experience.

Across Kingma’s inspired lyrics tells a tale of the human experience which is only enhanced by the engineering and mixing of the debut offering. My Anatomy, crafted on the beautiful Wadawurrung Country in regional Victoria, came to life at Big Fridge Sounds with Kingma and Blackmore spearheading the songwriting and recording process. The duo were joined by the talented Jasper Jolley of Bones and Jones as the engineer and a musician, contributing his own flair to the album’s timeless sound. Collaboration was key, with friends contributing the finishing touches as guided by the genius of Kingma to round out the album.


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You can hear the glorious echo-chamber of influence, collaboration and inspiration injected into My Anatomy. Winksy will be welcoming in the album today for a gig at Northcote Social Club. They also have an upcoming show at Castlemaine’s The Bridge Hotel next Friday on 26 April.

The album is out everywhere today, available to stream on all major streaming platforms. Limited edition vinyl copies can also be purchased via Bandcamp