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Name: Willsop (William Stevenson)
Where are you from? Jan Juc, Victoria
How long have you been painting for? Been creating for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been drawing, painting and making weird stuff! It’s bloody good fun!
From what space do you do most of your pieces? I’ve got a little studio space at home, and do the majority of my works there! I also do the odd mural using spray paints and other mixed media materials.
Tell us about the scope of your collection? My body of work at the moment definitely has a coastal nature feel; with inspiration derived from the ocean. It has a very psychedelic aurora about it, which gives the viewer an instant feel of a different world far from the normal one we live.

Crown Chakra
What are your hopes for your art and the future? Most definitely have an exhibition. I would also love to make a living out of creating, but as a lot of artists know it can be hard achieving this goal. It is a dream of mine and I will definitely keep on pursuing it!
What gets you inspired to paint something? The main things that inspire me to paint would have to be the ocean and nature. You can really see that in some of the subjects I paint and also a lot of the colours I use. Nature is medicine!
What are your plans over the next 12 months? The plans for the next 12 months! Keep painting! Save some coin and do some more travelling!
If someone wants to purchase a piece, can they? I currently have a website under construction so if someone wants to contact me they can, just email me at [email protected]. Talk to me there if you’re inquiring about a commission, or follow me on Instagram (@willsop).