Will He or Won’t He?

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Will He or Won’t He?

He will, or he Wil. Ah, not-so-clever wordplay. With his second solo album being tinkered with, not to mention a third Smith Street Band album also in the works, Wil Wagner has decided to step away from writing duties for a spell on the road. The tour is a special one, as it will be his only solo venture for the year. Europe and the UK beckons, and when they are knocking on your door you just have to answer. If you ask him nicely, very nicely, Wil may even play you a few ideas he has been working on. You’ll also get your favourites. Joining him on tour will be Georgia Maq. Georgia is the daughter of Hugh McDonald of Redgum. Make sure you keep an eye out for her debut 7”, With a Q. The Bridge, Castlemaine – September 5 & The Karova, Ballarat – September 7.