Wild, Wild Life

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Wild, Wild Life

The Eastern, Ballarat has put together a humdinger of a show this Saturday night, December 5. They have put together a crackerjack show.
They have put together a sockdolager of a show. It’s a real ripper, a corker, a ripsnorter. I am talking about the mini-festival Wild Birds Fest, a celebration of all things female musician.
Solo acts, duos and full bands from Ballarat and Melbourne will perform, including The Reprobettes, Swim Team, Loose Tooth, Freya Hollick and Zarah Phillips-Williams. According to their website, The Reprobettes met at the Melvin Correctional Facility for Women in 2012. Joining forces, their sonic power was enough to blast through the prison walls to freedom. They have been kicking musical arse and taking names since.
Another story has it that they formed after bassist Jemma Ives posted an online ad seeking bandmates for a ’60s-style all-girl outfit. Choose your own adventure there. Either way, the end result is the same: bad to the bone fuzzy guitars, deadly ’60s surf rhythms and screaming vocals. Now, listening to tunes all day is tiring work, so the sweethearts at The Eastern have decided to throw in a BBQ to feed the masses. Keep an eye on facebook.com/easternballarat for gigs.