Wild Type: Melbourne’s Deuce fuse intimate and personal dream pop and upbeat indie rock on new album

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Wild Type: Melbourne’s Deuce fuse intimate and personal dream pop and upbeat indie rock on new album

Deuce Band by Kayleigh Heydon
Words by Alex Callan

Naarm/Melbourne dream-pop group Deuce {pron. Juice, but with a D} have dropped their sophomore album 'Wild Type', via Dinosaur City Records.

If you’re reading this issue on a lazy Sunday, Deuce’s second release, Wild Type, is one for you.

Expanding on the cinematic stylings showcased on their self-titled album in 2021, Wild Type continues to propel Curtis Wakeling (The Ocean Party) and Kayleigh Heydon’s hazy dream-pop vision with effortless comfortability.

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Ebbing and flowing between arpeggiated synths, melancholic guitar licks and dreamy indie-pop melodies, Deuce’s follow-up release can only be likened to the sensibility of a leaf in the wind. It just has that free-flowing quality to it.

Whether it’s providing shimmery guitar licks alongside murky Ethel Caine-inspired vocals (‘Fall Apart’), or merging twangy alt-country guitars with dark-folk ominosity (‘That Hill’), Wild Type is an album that delivers each song with an equal level of coziness. At times, feeling so casual in its approach that you often forget that you’re listening to an album.

‘Rabbit Hole’ sees Wakeling adopt a dreary dreamlike quality to his vocals, channelling subtle elements of early The Velvet Underground. ‘Control’ leans more into the pop side of ‘dream-pop’ by delivering more upbeat rhythms and catchy hooks in its chorus, while the aptly named ‘Breathe’ delicately balances dulled vocal harmonies alongside glimmering guitar licks and the bassy horn arrangements.

If Wild Type shows us anything, it’s that music doesn’t need to be brash to warrant attention.

It’s multifaceted but not complex, making it the perfect easy-listening album for your Sunday afternoon. Boil the kettle, rug up on the couch and immerse yourself in the world of Deuce, you won’t be disappointed.