Why Comedy Needs Dylan Moran

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Why Comedy Needs Dylan Moran

Dylan Moran is the curmudgeon of modern comedy that brings enlightenment disguised as apathy and he’s exactly what comedy needs right now. As our understanding of gender outgrows existing bathroom constructs, people debate the spherical nature of earth, and an ex-owner of the Miss Universe pageant leads the free world, we need a hero… although we’ll settle for a chuckle.

Here are three reasons comedy needs metaphorical gunslinger with no-name, Dylan Moran, right now.

Moran’s Comedy has Layers
Originally an aspiring poet, Moran’s literary background has clearly shaped his stand up. He’s gifted with words and a deep thinker, so his vivid imagery and anecdotes mean much joy can be found in Moran’s language alone.

Moran’s comedy at a high level addresses relatable topics such as ‘meeting life partners whilst drunk’. “We wouldn’t buy a toaster when drunk” he’ll comedically proclaim. Then through to a series of Shakespearean style, whimsical plot twists he’ll arrive at middle-aged couple silently staring at each other across a cafe wondering ‘what exactly happened, “I just thought we were going to have a few drinks’’. It’s hilarious as a story solely on its laugh factor.

But amongst the surrealism, quips, and astute observations exists genuine opportunity to philosophise about human connection and our priorities.

His First Agenda is Comedy
Although he will mention politics or world events, Moran doesn’t use his platform as a medium to promote political agendas. He just finds comedic angles and swipes at any horse in any race.

Every celebrity on twitter, from Amy Schumer to Dennis Rodman took sides in the presidential election campaign. When asked about it, Moran’s contribution was limited to jokes about all sides involved. It’s refreshing to see a comic without an obvious political leaning.

The heightened polarisation between left and right political leanings have diluted much of modern comedy. Whilst he is never primarily motivated by controversy, Moran won’t let an unpopular opinion get in the way of creating great comedy.
From discussing everyday relatable topics such as the pointlessness of family holiday photos to commenting on how frustrating it would have been to hang out with Jesus, “always speaking in Parables”. Moran always delivers his observations without fearing a lack of crowd agreement, only motivated by creating laughter.

He’ll make you laugh
Self-described as the ‘you that doesn’t want to get out of bed’, Moran embodies all of the pessimism that a drizzly Sunday morning brings, with the unexpected optimism and subtlety of a rainbow.

When you boil it down, the intention of comedy is to make you laugh. Whether it be through his appearances as Bernard Black in TV Show Black Books, or his stand-up comedy releases, Moran will have you in stitches.

The work of Dylan Moran was introduced to my life from a woman I dated in the early noughties. She later slept with a bandmate, and married a work colleague of mine rendering me devastated and heart-broken. Even if, after all of that, the only positive thing she contributed to my life was the introduction to Dylan Moran’s comedy, her impact has been a net positive. If you’re not already acquainted with Moran’s work, don’t wait for heart-break before you seek it out. It’s never too soon to laugh.

Don’t miss the one and only Dylan Moran at Deakin’s Costa Hall in Geelong on Sunday October 27. You can purchase tickets from www.gpac.org.au.

Written by Craig Fridey