Who Runs The World? … well Beyoncé, duh!

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Who Runs The World? … well Beyoncé, duh!

In ‘95 Hilary Clinton addressed the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. ‘If there is one message that echoes forth from this conference, let it be that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights once and for all. Let us not forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely — and the right to be heard.’
On March 8, the 98th #IWD celebrated women’s achievements throughout history and across the world. 98 years on, and we are STILL having the conversation. We want equal pay. Equal standing in business and government. Rights over our bodies and what we do with them. The right to say NO. We have made progress, but there’s a long way to go.
Women have come before Hilary with inspiring, thought-provoking words and they will continue to speak with passion and conviction. Leaders in science, philanthropy, education and the arts are speaking up and speaking out. And now with a global audience at our fingers tips, we have the online world driving us to be better and to do more.
This year’s campaign asked us to #PressForProgress. So that is what I’m doing right now; using the voice I have in the press, for progress locally. I’m a woman who gets to speak her mind everyday and for those who don’t have the platform or the support to do so. It is an honour and an opportunity I take seriously. I don’t take it for granted. But I still ask myself “What more can I do?”.
How can we make a real difference right now? How about we start with this…
*Show kindness to the women in your inner circle. Pay a compliment on a friend’s Facebook status. Invite them to coffee and list all the remarkable ways they are a positive influence on your life.
*Where and when you can, seek out and frequent businesses owned and operated by women, especially small ones who are fulfilling their passions. Follow up the service with a recommendation and a review so other friends and connections can also shop local.
*Now’s the time to pay it forward. Donate food items towards a food bank, donate clothes towards a charity who raises funds or dresses women less fortunate in our community. This can open a much-needed door for someone else and give them the helping start and confidence they need.
*Behind every great woman is a whole bunch of other great women who have her back so if you haven’t already, build a tribe… NOW! Jayde (my HeyJayde PR queen), Talia (Forte Magazine editor extraordinaire), Samantha (leader and visionary behind Geelong Woman In Business), Laura (my wellness warrior), Bec (the brains behind Luxe on Chester), Jessica (Geelong Creatives and passionate local), Amanda and Caitlin (my business building inspos) – thank you for leading the way in uniting women and inspiring me to be better every day.
Most importantly, it all starts by being kind to yourself. You are your greatest asset and contribution to the world. Be strong, be confident and believe in yourself.
Unless you can be Beyoncé… then be Beyoncé
(She’s changed her name but she’s still the same Stampsy… check out lee_stamps on Instagram)
Stampsy is the Music Director and Drive Announcer at K Rock in Geelong