White Night Survival Kit

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White Night Survival Kit

Think you’re ready to hit the town for the iconic nightfall fiesta that is White Night?
So you’ve made some new friends at uni and you’re all settled in, but now you’re up for some fun, but don’t really want to head to the clubs. Enter, White Night – the perfect experience to get you acquainted with your new buds. This year, the celebration of art and culture will be lighting up three regional cities – Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong – so you have three chances to see Victoria’s most beautiful and historic locales in a whole new light.
We have conjured up a survival kit to keep you going into the late evening, or longer – if your heart so desires. So grab your backpack and stock up!
Camera and Phone (Camera Phone)
Now is not the time to bust out your vintage Nokia 3350. You need a phone that has a camera and an internet connection, because there’s going to be a helluva lot of shots taken for the ‘Gram.
Portable Charger
Either charge your phone right before you leave, or carry a portable charger along with you. You’ll be hating yourself if you start your Instastory and your phone decides to cark it. It’ll be like White Night never happened. Oh the indignity!
If you’re out in the early hours (or even late at night), chances are it’s going to get a tad cold. Check the weather before you head out, and bring a poncho and potentially a beanie and scarf. Nobody wants to hear you complaining about how cold it is when there’s so much wonder and light to behold.
Comfortable Shoes
You’ll be walking up and down the streets, so it’s a no-brainer that you need comfortable walking shoes. In fact, don’t stop at the shoes – make sure you’re sporting comfort from crown-to-toe.
A survival kit is nothing without high protein, carb-loaded snacks to keep you fuelled. Think nuts, crackers + cheese, and a piece of fruit or two – something to munch on as you stand in awe.
Water Bottle
You’re bound to be standing, walking, and admiring. You need to keep hydrated (especially if you took a shot or two of caffeine before you ventured out).
Because you never know if a headache might decide to present itself at 1 in the morning.
Each of these cities has a wealth of trendy café offerings which are set to stay open throughout the night. So if it’s coffee, a burger + fries, or some cake that you’re craving, you’re likely to have your prayers answered. After all, every experience is made better with food.
White Night Ballarat will be held on March 17.
White Night Bendigo will be held on September 1.
White Night Geelong will be held on October 13.
More information at whitenight.com.au

Image by SDP Media