White Bleaches

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White Bleaches

Forte TV is back! We started things off with a chat with local lads White Bleaches and they’re cruisey, psych-rock stylings.
How did the White Bleaches come to be?
Anthony Lacarruba: We came to be about four to five months ago when we recorded a few songs with Stu from King Gizzard, we originally had another band but the sound changed and kind of went in a new direction so we thought we’d start fresh in a new band with some new songs.
What was it like cross dressing for the video ‘Bad Character’?
Tyler Slaven: Ant loves dressing up in women’s clothes…
Anthoy: I do it all the time.
Tyler: So it was kind of just natural for him, I always catch him putting lipstick and eyeshadow on.
Anthony: As soon as I’d put the lipstick on I smudged it.
Tyler: Oh mate, you did it perfectly!
We heard ‘Psychic Visions’ was in a shipping container, how did that come about?
Anthony: That was with Stu again and his dad has a place in Winchelsea and they’ve got a shipping container and he set it up. He’d recorded a few bands there before and he was like, ‘Yeah just come down’ and so that was pretty cool.
What other places would you like to record?
Tyler: What about in here? Tyler can serve us some jugs of beer as we’re recording. Maybe in an office block or something…
How would you describe your music?
Tyler: I think it’s a mixture of all the different stuff we listen to…
Anthony: We do a lot of different stuff. ‘Bad Character’ was originally inspired by psych stuff from the US.
How have your gigs been going?
Anthony: We played Ding Dong Friday last week and that was good, we had a few people there. I didn’t expect there to be that many people.
Tyler: Yeah it was a really good turn out… We did the Corner Hotel and that was probably the best gig.
See more of the interview on Forte TV via our website or (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qd0Kf7QLfaY).