Wheatus cancel Record Store Day recovery performance at Popcultcha Records

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Wheatus cancel Record Store Day recovery performance at Popcultcha Records

Words by Staff Writer

The cancellation comes shortly after the official event announcement through Popcultcha Records went live

Billed to headline an intimate headline show at Popcultcha Records in Geelong, Wheatus has informed the store that they will no longer be making an appearance at the Geelong Record Store Day recovery event.

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Representatives from Popcultcha Records address the news, saying:

“We regret to inform you that Brendan from Wheatus will no longer be able to perform his in-store performance scheduled for Sunday. We understand this news may come as a disappointment, as it does to us as well. Brendan was looking forward to sharing his music with you, and we were excited to host the event. However, we appreciate your understanding of the situation.”

They continue, “Please know that we are working diligently to bring you other engaging experiences and events in the near future. We value your support and look forward to seeing you at upcoming performances.”

Wheatus also confirm the news posting the following statement to their Instagram story:

“Brendan B Brown & Wheatus are so sorry to have to miss their recently announced in-store performance at Popcultcha Records. Brendan was very excited to do it, but due to an unexpected scheduling conflict during our very short time in the country, we couldn’t pull it off this time. We know this was set to take place during Record Store Day weekend; Wheatus have multiple members who have helped run independent record shorts over the years, which only makes this all the more disappointing.”

“Please make sure to go to Popcultcha this weekend to give them your love and support and the next time we’r ein town, Brendan and the rest of Wheatus will do everything in our power to make it up to Popcultcha and to the people of Geelong. Also please support the other acts on the bill that weekend who are all rad!”

The original event has now been removed from the stores social media accounts and updated to include the event without the Wheatus headliner, with local acts Cooldad, De Porsal, Left At The Avenue and Hassall still ready to rock out.

More event information can be found at the Popcultcha Records Instagram page.