What’s On In The Rat?

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What’s On In The Rat?

Good fortnight to you unwilling Cronies (to The Man) and Bronies (if I have Bronies reading this then I have a bigger diversity of readers than I realised), Dan here with what’s hot on the fortnightly plan in the Ballarat live original music scene.
Thursday, September 4 sees The Karova Lounge start the fortnight alone with Die! Die! Die! (pictured) Entry $10.
Friday, September 5 sees a couple of other venues debut the fortnight, firstly with The Babushka Bar bringing Brooksy, Ruddo and The Vests to their stage to play to you. Entry TBC. The Eastern enters the action with Ben Salter and A Miner coming to you … live! For a taste of Ben Salter’s work head to bensalter.com.au. (RANT start: Because I tire of explaining genres and trying to fit them together to describe the music when another’s opinion may be entirely differently categorised as to my own and generate enough confusion to make the reader wonder what on Earth either of us are going on about … RANT stop.) Just stop in and have a listen to his folkish-style sounds (oh s**t, I mentioned a genre after all that rant).
A Miner is a side project from the lead singer Mark from Ballarat’s own Mark with the Sea. And I will mention a genre for this (because I find it hilarious): ‘Robotic Pop’, cited from the artist’s Facebook page facebook.com/aminermusic. Entry TBC.
The Karova has The Kite String Tangle playing this night. Supported by Flamingo and Lucianblomkamp. Entry $20.
Saturday, September 6 has the consistently entertaining player of the Hurdy Gurdy, ALEK, playing at The Babushka Bar. This guy is a wizard so if you haven’t seen him yet I recommend it. Get a taste of it here: alek-hurdygurdy.com. Entry TBC.
The Eastern also has a big night on with Steve Miller Band (WTF?), The Pink Tiles, Junipers and Ern Malley. And I’m not even going to start on their descriptions because I know one Steve Miller Band so I’m not willing to comment at this stage.
Last for the 6th, The Main Bar has Chris Wilson playing. Entry TBC.
Friday, September 12 has The Babushka Bar booked with Dolphy’s Albatross (don’t ask me whether that’s a band, an animal or a puppet show), so satisfy your curiosity and get there. Entry TBC.
The Karova Lounge has $Fiver$ Night with a glitter cannon and free photo booth plus DJ StreetParty on deck. Entry self-explanatory!
Saturday, September 13 The Babushka Bar has Pugsley Buzzard playing. Blues and jazz, jazzy blues – it promises to be a swampy kinda night at The Babushka Bar this night. Entry $13/$16.
This night The Karova Lounge has Celia Pavey playing, supported by Al Parkinson. Entry $15.
And that’s all I have for this fortnight’s roundup. More gigs will be confirmed as they come in so if you’re curious as to who does what on what night then just visit the websites:
The Babushka Bar
The Eastern
The Karova Lounge
The Main Bar
By Daniel Lock