What’s On In The Rat?

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What’s On In The Rat?

A big hello this round to all you neutrino empathisers and super moon glimpsers. Dan here with what live music to get up and get footloose to, like the great hero Kevin Bacon.
The Karova gets in first this Friday, August 22, with Jay Whalley from Frenzal Rhomb playing an acoustic set. Jay, who has taken the wind out of the sails of various infamous celebrities over the years (as one example, YouTube search ‘Jay from Frenzal Rhomb owns Kyle Sandilands and Jackie-O on Fox FM’), still plays in Frenzal Rhomb and has a great mind when it comes to shaking things up and standing his ground. I personally look forward to hearing what he has to say and sing by himself on stage. Tickets $15.
The Main Bar that evening has local act The Slurrymen playing to those who enjoy food and a show. For an example of their music, visit youtu.be/ZvfoiR_cKqM . Entry $10.
Saturday, August 23 starts off The Festival of Slow Music in Ballarat. Organised by local music lovers and contributors Adam Simmons, Amie Sexton and former Ballarat resident Irene Crebbin, the festival promotes and encourages Ballarat’s artistic heritage through meetings of the various artistic genres that reside in this town. Details can be found at the website festivalofslowmusic.com.
As well as slow music, the night also brings rock music on Saturday 23/8. The Eastern has The Yard Apes playing their little apey asses off with the Mightiest of Guns and Pork Chop Party in tow. The Yard Apes are a big reason that I got into the music industry having followed them since their first gig in my best mate’s shed. Shifty, lead singer and guitarist, is currently in two bands – the other one will be mentioned later. Entry TBC.
The same night, Aimee Francis and Steve Saxton play at Babushka Bar for a FREE event. Aimee and Steve were so taken with their reception from the audience and the bar itself last time that this gig was declared almost on the night they debuted at Babushka.
Sunday, August 24 has a follow-up performance at Babushka by Aimee and Steve, so if you miss them Saturday you have a second chance at catching them and to get a well-received Sunday sesh in before the working week.
Thursday, August 28 The Karova Lounge is holding a book launch for RISE, a photo-documentary of hip hop in Australia. A group of artists are touring for the launch and who will be playing will be kept secret until the night. These artists consist of Remi, Mantra, Briggs, Dylan Joel, Jaytee and Flagrant. Tickets 18.
Thursday will also see The Main Bar collaborating with The Festival of Slow Music with an In2it artist collaboration and improvisation night. Tickets $10. Free for Festival of Slow Music ticket holders.
Friday, August 29 The Babushka Bar has Cal Darke playing guitar on stage with a special guest. Entry TBC.
The same night the Karova Lounge has The Hazard Circular, Whoretopsy and Earth Rot playing metal, a little more metal, then, an encore of metal. Entry $10.
Saturday, August 30 has SWHAT playing at the Karova Lounge. Former members of The Turnarounds Chuck Turner and Sticky Howell got together and made a two-piece named SWHAT. Then, The Midnight Special (aka Shifty Dunbar) picked up the bass again and joined in too. So for some SWHAT ROCK get down and catch them in the act. Raw good music. Supported by Spacejunk, Sarge & the Nuked and OD Tommy Dogs. Tickets $10.
The Main Bar will be hosting Jeff Lang this same night. So for some solo acoustic bliss get down and see this veteran in the act. Entry $20.
So concludes this summary of the main venues in live original music for the Ballarat region. I’ve been your host, Dan. Goodnight.
By Daniel Lock