What’s on Ballarat?

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What’s on Ballarat?

The thing I like the most about winter is when it ends. However, we are almost half way through the dreaded season and our local farmers have plenty to smile about with bucketloads of rain to replenish their crops. At least it pleases some of us.

Suttons House of Music have been firing through the winter months. Pink Moon will be playing there on the 23rd of July .The hard working duo have been at it for about 10 years now and have built up some loyal fans in the region.

Describing themselves as covering moody blues/dark Americana, it’s well worth a visit to the famed venue for a look at these guys.

Bacchus Marsh born local Michael Gate will be doing the Sunday session on the 24th of July if you feel like venturing out. This young man is making a name for himself with his big alternative rock indie voice and catchy upbeat melodies. A perfect way to knock over the weekend in style.

Karova Lounge have some interesting acts coming to play over the next month. Discovery are playing on July 30 which will be a fun night.

Extreme metal headbangers Thy Art is Murder are thrashing out their stuff on Wednesday the 3rd of August. Their material is said to be born of growing dissatisfaction with all aspects of modern life. Get along if winter has got you bummed out enough!

Heaven The Axe are following up the night after and describe themselves as sounding like a hot chick driving a Mack truck. Killer riffs and a powerful rock chick up front on lead vocal makes this gig worth getting along to. Look out Ballarat!

The Lane is still a top spot to satisfy your caffeine addiction or if you stick around until late, they are doing live music acts on Friday and Saturday nights.

Here’s a little tip for everyone in or around Meredith; The Meredith Baking Co. are making the most delicious bread and treats you could ever imagine. A left turn at the Royal Hotel and it’s just on the right hand side of the street.

Unfortunately they are only open on the weekend at this stage,but for sweet tooths, it’s worth a drive on a cold winter’s day. Coffee is wonderful also and the staff are super-friendly. The fruit loaf is the best I’ve ever had. There may also be chocolate filled donuts…but that’s a little secret.

Written by Glen Anderson