What’s On at The Geelong Gallery

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What’s On at The Geelong Gallery

Forté suss out what’s currently on show and upcoming at The Geelong Gallery, one of Australia’s leading and oldest regional art galleries.

Where we find ourselves – Jo Scicluna

Jo Scicluna draws upon historical landscape photographs, paintings and drawings from Geelong Gallery’s collection, her fascination with natural phenomena and her exploration of the broader region encompassing the city’s fringe and adjoining peninsula. Scicluna’s array of photo-sculptural objects, ranging from the representational to the abstract, subtly challenge the viewing conventions of the museum object through sculptural gestures imposed onto the photograph and collaged conflations of local vistas.

This collection runs until November 6.

A question of scale—maquettes and small sculpture from the permanent collection
This collection includes a selection of small-scale sculptures in various media that are finished works in their own right or were conceived as maquettes (scale models) for larger works or site-specific commissions. It features works by George Baldessin, Vincas Jomantas, Clifford Last, Fiona Orr, Lenton Parr, Tina Wentcher and Danila Vassilieff, as well as newly-acquired works by Geoffrey Bartlett and Inge King.

This collection runs until December 4.

Atmospherics—the Geelong Gallery collection
Atmospherics draws together a selection of paintings and assemblages that range from photo-realist landscape through images of the body in space to geometric abstraction. The material and pictorial qualities, and subjects of each of these diverse works create quietly powerful and affective atmospherics – varying moods and meditative spaces that offer us the opportunity to see works of art in thought provoking relationships, and to see the human form, landscapes, air and light in new ways.

This collection runs until March 13 next year.

My Geelong—our Gallery

My Geelong—our Gallery is a new community engagement campaign focused on the fact that we all ‘own’ the Geelong Gallery and the artistic riches of its collection. Twenty diverse members of our community have been invited to meet Director Jason Smith and select a favourite work of art. Peoples’ choices will be exhibited over the forthcoming summer in a revealing and fascinating special exhibition and trail through the Gallery.

View this collection from November 12 until April 2 next year.