Welcome To The Black Parade: A huge 00’s emo and rock night is happening in Geelong this weekend

Welcome To The Black Parade: A huge 00’s emo and rock night is happening in Geelong this weekend

Looking for an excuse to break out your chucks and skinny jeans? The GMCC is paying tribute to the glory days: the days of the ’00s emo

The year is 2006, #ThrowbackThursday was a trend, Jessica Alba and Kiera Knightly are icons, Myspace rules the world and My Chemical Romance unleashed ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’, cementing them as the kings of ’00s emo.

Looking back, the ’00s were a great time, especially with the emo wave that took over the airwaves, Channel V and our iPod shuffles. From MCR, Fall Out Boy and 30 Seconds To Mars, to All Time Slow, The Getaway Plan and Panic! At The Disco, these bands soundtracked our lives, with songs making us scream, shout, sing, cry, and mosh wildly in our bedrooms by ourselves.

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If you’re craving a night dedicated to the heroes of the 2000’s emo scene, it’s time to whip out that black eyeliner. The Geelong Music Community Collective have cooked up a night that appeals to all of the above; and more, with ‘WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE: A Night of Mid-2000s Hits’.

Taking over the Barwon Club Hotel on Sunday, April 3 from 6:30 pm, punters will be gifted a set lined with absolute bangers by the likes of My Chemical Romance, Paramore and Fall Out Boy to absolute belters from folks like Bullet From My Valentine, A Day To Remember and Escape The Fate (with a few familiar pop-punk anthems and era staples thrown in for good measure). This will certainly scratch your 2000s emo-loving itch.

Catering to nostalgia with commitment, prepare to down beers, mosh and sing along to some of the best emo songs of all time, shouting every lyric as loudly as possible.

Tickets are $10 on the door only, opening from 6:30pm. Get down early.

All proceeds going to IMPACT at Deakin in support of the Dean McInnes Student Award, helping the next generation of researchers tackle mental health treatment.

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