Weird and Wonderful Band Rider Requests of Geelong!

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Weird and Wonderful Band Rider Requests of Geelong!

It’s the one rite of passage you have as a musician. Travelling in the back of an old van, eating dodgy servo pies and playing to empty rooms all falls into the background in one moment – the moment you get to put in your rider request.
Local Spinning Half band booker Steven Nichols has seen it all over the years, and was kind enough to share some of the more noteworthy rider requests he has seen in his time booking shows.
Over to you Steven..
“Well the weirdest riders are always the longest riders and I’ve packed riders at festivals too. There are some funny and fucked up ones out there no doubt… here’s a few I can remember off the top of my head..”
“Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos wanted a Boeing 747 flight manual, a Hyperbaric Combustion chamber, three chickens – 1 roasted, 1 rubber and 1 live – a banana Lounge, an inflatable T-Rex, and a bunch of other weird shit, with some food and booze thrown in there.”
“Xzibit did his back and requested a Physio who rocked up at 10pm to administer acupuncture therapy and asked for a bottle of 15-year-old Hennessy.”
“28 Days requested… many alcoholic beverages and two bikini clad ladies (over 18) to serve them.”
“Placebo, with a softer touch, requested fresh seasonal flowers to be set up throughout the green room.”
“Drapht wanted a bucket of fried chicken one time.”
“D12 requested shower caps for Bizaar, funnily enough.. he didn’t even rock up.”
So there you have it people, next time your band has a show at The Workers Club, Geelong, be sure to bombard Steven with a long list of weird requests, he bloody loves it, and you may even make it into our next list of weird and wonderful riders.