We Lost The Sea: Triumph and Disaster

We Lost The Sea: Triumph and Disaster

Starting an album on a 15-minute instrumental track takes guts and Tool level confidence that isn’t recommended in the majority of cases. In this case, We Lost The Sea made a statement that well and truly paid off with ‘Towers’. Does it feel like 15 minutes? Not at all! Why? They keep it interesting!

The striking electricity and builds of the guitars, the pounding footstep of the drum and the continual builds elevate to the climax where the sweet drifting of the piano takes over in a slow conversation that is put on the stove to bring to a boil. It’s then drained and you’re left with the excitement of what is left behind to indulge in.

The tragic story behind We Lost The Sea’s transition to being an instrumental piece lays in the suicide of their frontman and the pain from that experience remains within their playing. While the context of this album centres around our dying planet, the all-encompassing static that sinks you into the tracks, the intricate grazes of hope through soft strokes of piano keys, the gradual builds of emotion until they overflow and the stillness that settles tells the story of pain and doubt that can be interpreted in relation to both.

We Lost The Sea say so much without saying anything at all and that is where the beauty lies.

Triumph and Disaster is set for release on October 4 via Bird’s Robe Records.

Bird’s Robe Records
Reviewed by Tammy Walters