We dig mysterious new artist Eleon and his debut offering 'If It Ain’t Me'

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We dig mysterious new artist Eleon and his debut offering 'If It Ain’t Me'

Eleon, American newcomer, is just about to release his debut single ‘If It Ain’t Me’ in Australia on April 27.
The new track ‘If It Ain’t Me’ is a evocative of the cool pop sounds of ZAYN, but also harks back to the classic and cool soul feel as well and thats what make Eleon so unique.
The vocals dip in and out effortlessly amongst a clever arrangement of dazzling guitar riffs. This unique track was produced by Eleon’s collaborator, genius musical enigma Kubla Kahn and it has amassed a remarkable critical response worldwide from the likes of DJ Booth, KRXM Killjoy Radio and more.
There is not much known about the mysterious man behind the project, but Eleon has offered a little insight into the making of ‘If it Ain’t Me’ saying, “I write to express what’s going on in my life and those around me. I’ve been into music for as long as I can remember – I wrote songs to deal
with life growing up. If It Ain’t Me was created after meeting Kubla in the studio and he played that guitar riff. Immediately we vibed out and the song was born.”
With plenty of content set to drop across the globe in the near future, one the is certain, the hype for Eleon is real.
If It Ain’t Me is set for release in Australia on April 27. Check it below and check Eleon out on FB.

Written by Aleesha Coots