We chat with comedian Alex Williamson

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We chat with comedian Alex Williamson

Best known to his fans for his ‘Loosest Aussie Bloke’ and ‘Bogan Aussie’ characters, Alex Williamson writes a hilarious new live solo show every year, and So Wrong, It’s Wrong is proving to be his most popular show to date. We chat to Alex ahead of his 20-date Australian tour this month.
Hi Alex, Thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte, we’ve been lucky enough to chat with you a few times now – we last spoke in May/June, Can you tell us a bit about what you’ve been up to since then?
I’ve been over to Edinburgh & London to my further cement Australia’s international reputation as drunken, unruly tourists. I’m doing my bit. My comedy seems to translate nicely over there, I suppose we all speak English, besides the people of Glasgow, could never work out what language they spoke.
You’ve played six comedy festivals across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, eleven shows in England and Ireland and a 14-date tour of greater Australia – You’re definitely one of Australia’s hardest working comedians at the moment, What are some of the highlights of your travels this year?
Hard working is an overstatement, but I like that you’re spreading that rumour, keep it up. My highlight for the year was getting a level 93 Ronaldo on FIFA on me playstation 4. If anyone was present in the room with me they would’ve, stood & applauded. I’ve rang my dad straight away to tell him the good news but he just hung up (I assume from disbelief).
You’re known for consistently uploading hilarious content to your Facebook and YouTube, can you tell us a bit about your process of coming up with ideas for bits?
I do a lot of people watching. Not in public, I seek strangers out and watch them in their home on a daily basis. People do weird stuff when they don’t know someone’s watching, it’s quite funny. Sometimes they call the police on me, but the cops are always on my side & understand I’m just fishing for great material for online content.
Your YouTube channel has reached over 78 million views – what do you think has been the key to your comedic success and popularity?
I guess being a fairly approachable, semi-normal human helps. I think people laugh at me like they do with the Kardashians. They’re like “check this guy out, doesn’t he remind you of some of the worst people we know in our actual lives”, and they share a chuckle and therefore I’ve instantly my toxicity as a human being makes me relatable. I also focus on things that are topical & being discussed currently, which always gives your posts a bit of relevance which is useful when I am becoming increasingly irrelevant.
As a comedian renowned for having a no holds barred approach to comedy, what are your thoughts surrounding the drama in the media recently regarding politically incorrect humour? Is there anything you won’t joke about?
I’ll joke about anything if the jokes good enough. If it’s some half-hearted attempt to be shocking I won’t partake but if I go in there confident as hell, which a cheeky smile on my boyish face, I could get away with murdering a family.
Thanks for talking to us again Alex, probably sick of us by now but you’ve become a Forte Favourite! Just before we go, as the loose Aussie bloke you are, settle an office debate for us – what’s better, Pie or Pasty?
Pasty is better because you get all those essential veggies, carrot, potato etc. I hear some of the world’s top models are on the ‘Pasty diet’ to stay as fit as they are. I just copy the trend.
Alex Williamson brings ‘So Wrong, It’s Wrong’ to Mildura Arts Centre on Friday, 26 October as part of a huge national tour.
For all dates & ticketing links go to frontiercomedy.com/alexwilliamson
Photo by Steve Ullathorne