We adore you, Amy Shark

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We adore you, Amy Shark

Costa Hall at Deakin is truly a hidden gem for music right in the heart of Geelong.

The room goes dark, the sound of sirens is blaring and we see Amy herself walk on stage – “My name is Amy Shark and I’ll be your entertainment for the evening”. If anyone can pull off white platform runners, it’s Amy bloody Shark! The music rolls into ‘Blood Brothers’ for a great kick-off tune.

‘Mess Her Up’ was a passionate performance that had the crowd dancing in their seats, really wanting to jump up and about.

Amy is definitely a character and loves to perform while telling the stories behind her songs, as they all have a meaning and why they were written. If you have ever listened to the song ‘The Idiot’, you’d understand why it’s about an ex-boyfriend, and don’t we all have one of “those” ones!

While touring around, Amy has found herself in countries where people know her name, but not who she actually is – especially the Europeans, who always love to make a point about Sia. It’s Amy bloody Shark though and she has the confidence to tell them that – “But I’m Amy Shark”.

The sirens start for ‘Drive You Mad’, and this one had so, so much of Amy’s heart and soul put into it; looking around at the crowd you could tell they felt the emotion too.

Amy is pretty upfront, and her personality makes you laugh as she has a dry sense of humour on stage so she openly admits that she’s going to walk off stage, the room will go dark and wants everyone to chant her name so that she can come back for two last killer songs. We can’t miss ‘Adore’, what a bloody song. There wasn’t one person in the room that wasn’t singing along before the crowd truly erupted, jumping out of their chairs, for the absolute cracker hit ‘I Said Hi’ to finish the evening.

It’s been a long time since we have seen Amy Shark here in G Town and we welcome you back anytime girl!






Where: Costa Hall, Geelong
When: Saturday, November 2
Reviewed by Miranda Williams
Photos by William Adam Russ