Wakachangi Lager is a bloody brewty

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Wakachangi Lager is a bloody brewty

In the warmer months (and every other month) a cold brew is something you crave. Here at Forte, we believe that nothing beats the satisfaction of a frosty, perfectly poured pot of the amber nectar at the end of a long, hot day.

So because we have your best interests at heart, we want to introduce you to a beer that is going to change your life for the better.

Established more or less in 1648, Wakachangi is coined New Zealand’s oldest and most trusted beer! Legend has it that the first batch was brewed by nymphomaniac monks in Portugal who were keen to make a beer that could be used to treat colour blindness and the effects of asparagus wees. Justifiably, they also wanted to make a beer that didn’t taste like badger piss that’s been put through a 16th Century soda-stream.

By all accounts they were successful, but once the Catholic Church got word of it they wanted the beer for themselves and in an act that many people feel inspired Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’, the monks went to go into hiding with the recipe.

It was lost for nearly 400 years until inexplicably it turned up just outside of Greymouth, New Zealand, whereupon it was found by Great Uncle Kenny, one of New Zealand’s most prolific inventors, adventurers and philanderers, who spent years perfecting the recipe. He wanted to make a truly national beer that could be enjoyed by everyone, also, most importantly, one that didn’t taste like wees that had been put through a soda stream.

Luckily he achieved this and in the process made the first South Otago beer with North Canterbury flavours, brewed by a West-Coaster with the ol’ misty waters of the Waikato! The rest, as they say, is history.

Not only is Wakachungi a ripper drop, but it’s also being run by a great team across the pond in New Zealand, and we will be sitting down for a chat with founder, Leigh Hart in our next issue – so make sure you don’t miss it… and grab yourself a six-pack of Wakachangi in the meantime, now available at all BWS & Dan Murphy’s stores nationwide.