Vote for Earthcore DJs

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Vote for Earthcore DJs

Who would you like to see hit the decks at Earthcore this year? While the core performers have been selected for the event, you’ll still have the chance to select from 28 DJs, can you feel the power?
The final 28 are: 7th Dimension, Arson Fire, Bass To Pain Converter, Brock & Ryan, DayTrip, Dolph Psyglurr, Fernanda, Frankenfrog, Goasis, Harmonic Sequence, Ion Squared, Jordan Kayne, Justin Grey, Matais, Miss Erin, Nuke lukem, Photonics, Psychotik, Quale, Rex Bleckman, Sammy Sundays, Symbol / Notanumber, Timmy Truth, TMX Mind, Touching Sounds, DJ Treebeard, Victor Y and Willy T.
To place your votes head here.
Early bird tickets are still on sale for earthcore itself, head to here to get yours (at $60 off!).
When & Where: Pyalong, Victoria – November 26-30