Vintage Makeover at Yankee Sweetheart

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Vintage Makeover at Yankee Sweetheart

I wouldn’t be the first to admit that I really don’t know a thing or two about hair and make up, and my friends can back me up on that claim. The extent of my skills pretty much stops at straightening, even curling is something that warrants many frustrated groans from me. So getting the chance for someone else to make me look good is something I’d jump at, no questions asked.
Last issue I interviewed the lovely Lexi DeRock at her salon, through the time we spoke of her clients, and as of last week I became one. It’s hard to fully appreciate the effort and skill that goes into creating a vintage do until you’ve either done it, or witnessed someone do it to you.
The banter was flowing as Lexi worked her way around my head curling and pinning for my ‘pin-curl waves’. Before long, I had a head of little ringlets delicately pinned to my skull. What followed next was a quick move to the opposite side of the room where the make up was to take place. Lexi picked up bottle after bottle, tube after tube and carefully applied each one to my face. She even had a pain-free technique of applying mascara (something that is hard on another person, trust me on that). If she hadn’t already told me, which she was good about updating me on each application, out of curiosity I’d ask what the item she was using was and she’d happily explain. What was meant to be a makeover soon doubled as a little bit of an education in make up for me. Who knew.
There’s a definite love and precision for everything Lexi does, as before moving me back to the, what I’m going to call, “hair chair” she stepped back and ensured everything was perfect. She even ensured my not-so-visible beauty spot became a dark blemish worthy of standing up against Miss Monroe herself.
Once that was done we quickly moved back to the “hair chair” and Lexi begun on the real sculpting work of my hair. Speedily removing the clips she quickly brushed the curls out to loose waves. Then she pinned, propped and hair-sprayed to create a wave to shape my face that my hair had never experienced before. Lexi had certainly learned a lot in those years studying vintage hair-dos.
Once all was done, and without sounding terribly cliché, I felt like a different person. Like I should be an actress in some great vintage era movie. The hair-do lasted me two days, the compliments will stick with me forever. All I’ve got to say is, if you haven’t experienced a vintage makeover, let Lexi do her thing and make you feel all brand new, or from the ’50s, either way you’ll love it.
Written by Amanda Sherring
Where: 17 Church Street, Geelong West
When: Tues-Weds 10am-6pm; Thu-Fri 11am-7pm; Sat 10am-4pm
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