Vintage Crop ‘Kibitzer’ Album Launch

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Vintage Crop ‘Kibitzer’ Album Launch

Geelong’s favourite sons Vintage Crop return this winter with their much-anticipated fourth album, Kibitzer. Running with the ball that 2020’s “Serve To Serve Again” punted forward, this album marks another energetic break towards the goal for Vintage Crop.

Kibitzer sees the band define their field of play, more melodic at times, still bruising, forever droll. These ten tracks of ‘snappy as elastic’ punk are packed with tensile riffs, hefty beats and witty refrains of everyman curiosity.

Kibitzer (out via Anti-Fade Records), is the groups fourth full-length in the space of 6 years and is undoubtably their strongest yet. NME say it’s full of “buzzy, frenetic energy”, Beats To The Bar say its “supremely confident post-punk” – but they’re only music writers.

What do you think? Catch Vintage Crop a tone of their upcoming shows and let them know.

With special guests Tommy Dynamite & The Explosion, The White Flower Society and Sargent Baker.

Plus DJ CHUNKY LOVE spinnin’ tracks in between and after the bands til close.