Ville Valo announces Australian & NZ Tour for March 2024

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Ville Valo announces Australian & NZ Tour for March 2024

Words by Staff Writer

He'll kick off his Australian tour in March, visiting Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. 

Buckle up, folks, because the charismatic and gothically melodramatic Ville Valo is set to take the stage once again! Prepare to be entranced by the melodic and melancholic fusion that is the embodiment of Johnny Cash, The Sisters Of Mercy, and Elvis, with a lyrical elegance reminiscent of Lovecraft, Poe, and Bukowski. Trust us when we say, this guy is one of a kind.

We’re talking about the man who, with HIM, created an entire genre, hypnotizing the world with their enchanting mix of dark rock anthems and emotionally charged ballads. Ville Valo’s vocal prowess is unparalleled, boasting a distinguished baritone five-octave crooner voice that can effortlessly make Chris Isaak and Neil Diamond classics his own. And when he wears his heart on his sleeve in HIM hymns like “Funeral Of Hearts,” “Right Here In My Arms,” or “Wings of A Butterfly,” you can’t help but be moved.

Ville Valo Tour Dates

  • Wed, March 13: Powerstation, Auckland
  • Fri, March 15: Northcote Theatre, Melbourne
  • Sat, March 16: The Metro, Sydney
  • Sun, March 17: The Tivoli, Brisbane

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VV’s evolution from the vampiric leader of HIM to the solo artist known today as VV is perfectly represented through HIM’s iconic Heartagram logo. You know, the one Valo gifted the world when he created it on his 20th birthday. That image perfectly captures the juxtaposition of his music, with the heart symbolizing the softer side and the pentagram conveying the heavier, darker elements.

Now, with VV, the Heartagram has received an update, adding two extra lines to form the moniker VV at its center. Ville playfully comments, “Artistically speaking, the main difference between HIM and VV is the extra line in the Heartagram, but what an exquisite line it is!”

VV’s debut solo album, “Neon Noir,” released earlier this year, further exemplifies his storytelling prowess and his ability to artfully contrast darkness and light.

Get ready for VV’s electrifying performances featuring a perfect mix of solo and HIM songs. As Metal Wani put it after catching VV in London:

“When the house lights are killed, the venue is engulfed in a haunting emptiness. As strands of pink and purple begin illuminating the stage, a bright, cold Heartagram appears from the darkness – accentuated by the updated VV at its core. Like a lighthouse beacon, it cascades across the audience, and as Ville Valo appears, the reception is akin to a hero’s welcome. Delivering an holistic set that spans the entirety of his career.”

Tickets go on sale Thurs, August 10 @ 9.00 am Local Time. Find out more here