VIDEO PREMIERE: Geelong’s Bones and Jones reveal infectious, guitar-driven new single ‘Reckless’

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Geelong’s Bones and Jones reveal infectious, guitar-driven new single ‘Reckless’

Photo by Willem Kingma
Words by Alex Callan

Another taste of the Bones and Jones' ‘Ginger Gold (Farm Singles)’ series.

It’s a damn shame that the title ‘Boyz II Men’ was already copyrighted in the 1980s because truthfully, it’s the perfect title for Bones and Jones’ newest single ‘Reckless.’

With ciggies in their mouth and a clear growth of iso facial hair, it’s pretty evident that Bones’ are no longer boys and they truly have the sound to prove it.

Straying away from their earlier stylings of Blues/Folk, ‘Reckless’ is a hazy and distorted rockabilly affair showing a much heavier side of the group.

I’m not saying it’s Pantera heavy, but it’s the kind of ‘guitar-driven rock’ that pub crowds have always admired; a far stretch from their previous Fleet Foxes-esque sound.

With Jasper Jolley (the groups usual lead vocalist) assisting with the rhythm sections in the song, it’s Finn Chappell donning the mic, as we have seen before with hits such as ‘Tookems’. It’s truly a credit to the band to have so many members with pristine singing voices all giving a different sound to the songs that they perform.

The biggest difference to the group’s sound is found in George Wilson, the band’s newest addition whose use of a lap steel guitar provides an incredible woozy twang to the song’s feel.

Fuelled by intricate fills and a riff that will get stuck in your head, ‘Reckless’ may well be my favourite Bones’ song yet, and all you have to do is search the band name on the Forte website to see that I’ve been a fan for quite a while.

‘Reckless’ marks the third single off the group’s upcoming third album, Ginger Gold (Farm Singles), which is set for release February 24th 2021.

The songs and the video for ‘Reckless’ were recorded at an old apple orchard farm in Wallington where members of the band reside with members of Beans, The Murlocs and Bin.

“Soon after writing Reckless we played it at party in the barn where the video was shot, So Willem (the videographer) agreed it would be a great place to shoot the vid. We wanted a visual representation of why we love playing together so much – to be in our own little world when we play together, rather than focusing on the everyday life,” Bones and Jones reveal.

The collection of songs, all recorded during Victoria’s first isolation has been dubbed ‘Farm Singles’ and will be released in two’s at the end of each month; the finished result being ‘Ginger Gold’, a record compiling the released singles.

I guess now we have something exciting to look forward to each month in this absolute mess of a year. For now though, enjoy ‘Reckless’ below.