VIDEO PREMIERE: Geelong trio The Run flaunt soaring indie sounds with ‘Missing Out On‘

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Geelong trio The Run flaunt soaring indie sounds with ‘Missing Out On‘

The Run are the stranger you meet at a party who whispers to you that they know the best secret spot you’re likely to see. You don’t know where you’re going but you trust you’re being guided by the stars…

No strangers to us, the Geelong trio are taking our hand and guiding us again, only this time through heartbreak and emotional terrain with their brand new soulful single, ‘Missing Out On’.

Capturing gorgeous choral vocals in with a mix of indie and soul similar to Ruel and Lime Cordiale, lead vocalist Connor Morel charges with emotion as he sings about a love lost but personal growth and strength gained, backed by a rich chorus of voices that really drive the lyrics home. Music swells and builds as the rhythm guitar takes on an almost vintage soul throwback in amongst the fresh contemporary rock sounds courtesy of Will Conway and Sab Rawson.

Recording the single with Ezekiel Fenn and Michael Best (Entente Music, Big Creature), this is the first new music we’ve heard from the boys since their album ‘The Morning After’ in early 2018, detailing perhaps all-too-familiar drunken nights, early mornings, without neglecting the chaos, tension and emotions in between, and ‘Missing Out On’ is proving to be their strongest sound yet.

Performing frequently for the past 12 months alongside the likes of Gymnastics In The Seventies, Luke Biscan, The Vaudeville Smash, and Funk Buddies, The Run have been defining and exploring their musical identity to bring you this comforting and cathartic single. Where they are at now represents not only cohesiveness, but excitement in knowing what’s to come.

“Recording the single was probably the most caffeinated week I’ve had on planet Earth and I don’t regret a thing. It was super nerve-racking (this song’s been floating around for about a year and a half now) so trying to make sure we ‘got it right’ was something that was really important to us,” Will Conway says.

Unveiling an incandescent accompanying music video, the footage captures the mood of the song quite effectively. Directed by Connor himself, the band and their creative team were able to inject some humour into the song which, on its own, is quite heavy in its impact.

“We were originally going to do something real serious but we decided it just wasn’t us and that if it was really going to land as truthful, we had to do something left of centre,” Connor explains. “We’re lucky enough to be surrounded by a friendship group of creatives that make thinking ideas like this up super easy.”

Filmed in the Bellarine Peninsula, through Geelong and Melbourne’s outer suburbs, the music video is lighthearted, simple, to the point and flaunts both the band’s good-nature, and prowess as musicians and creatives.

Check out the video below.

To celebrate the release of the track tomorrow, The Run are gearing up to hold a single launch show at Collingwood’s Gasometer Hotel next month, on Thursday, September 12. Supported by Benjamin Trillado and Tess Guthrie, you can find tickets here.

Photo by Lucinda Goodwin Photography