Victoriana Gaye Q&A

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Victoriana Gaye Q&A

Long before even hearing Victoriana Gaye’s music and the band’s imagery is enough to win you over, then as soon as the first note hits the air, you’ll be signing your soul away to them in no time. After just releasing their EP, Victoriana Gaye are a band who don’t follow the trends other band’s may fall over, instead they’re making them.
Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte Magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?
We’re using all our strength wrestling the great tiger that is Indie music. Just when we think we have a hold on the beast he jumps up with a mighty pounce and you have to be ready for more of a struggle then you ever planned. We’re covered in bandages or…
So the new EP is out, congratulations, how long has this one been in the works for?
We started writing before we went to Europe last year. Some of the songs were just little melodies running around in in the back of our heads, others arrived to us like, ‘Boom’ all complete and ready to walk out the door. We road tested a few of the tracks on the French who have fabulous ears and great wine. Ah the memories….
How are you feeling now that it’s unleashed into the world?
It sways between feeling very small like a bottom feeder, groping around the ocean while the sharks are eating everything up above. Then there is this delusional feeling that, the world is going to go ‘Hey, yeah they kick arse’.
You’re always a band with incredible illustrations to accompany your work, which we’re guessing Jeff is responsible for most, how did the idea for the EP art come about?
It came from an illustration Rags did for a poster when we were in Scotland. I wanted him to do it again but, you know, you can’t repeat the magic that is the magic of art. So I locked him in the studio until he could summon up a better image than the original. ‘Starvation is good for the imagination,’ they say.
The clip to ’60 Foot Lady’ is just as incredible, as you’re creating your music do you often have the imagery going through your mind as well?
Yeah we do. That song in particular was asking to be animated. Being image makers it’s impossible to separate these mediums. Of course they are glued strongly together with our inner souls. Imagery also runs through our conjoined heads while we are playing live. Trippy!
Do you prefer to be very hands on in each aspect from art to music of being in a band?
Yep, Yep Yep. Though we are planning to hire young very, good looking musicians to fill in for us on some of the lighter duties like playing live and photoshoots.
You’re set for a busy month or so ahead with gigs, do you prepare in any way for such a rigorous tour?
We pack a picnic and piss off. Then we remember the things we forgot when we reach the point of no return – which is the transcendental Newel Highway.
Thanks again for chatting with Forte Magazine, are there any last words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers?
If you buy our album and come to our gigs you will be, most certainly, overcome with an abundance of love and serenity for an eternity.
When & Where: The Cuda Bar, Lorne – October 16, The Retreat, Melbourne – October 29 and Suttons House of Music, Ballarat – November 5.