Victoriana Gaye: Freest of the Free

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Victoriana Gaye: Freest of the Free

Vicki Philipp and Jeff Raglus need no introduction to a Forte audience, which is a good thing really – I can concentrate on the music of their new CD, Freest of the Free. Vicki and Jeff write all their songs together and generate a unique blend of jazz, psychedelia and their own approach to an indie sound.

Freest of the Free was recorded in the hills above Mullumbimby in the winter of 2016 and was produced by Christian Pyle. For this recording Dave Sanders is on drums and Thierry Fossemalle on bass. It features the strong vocal harmony lead we have come to expect from Victoriana Gaye, with guitar and brass creating their signature sound. It’s interesting that we have come to assume that vocal harmony is for backing a lead singer, and it’s rare to hear it centre stage. The net result is crystal clear lyrics and a melody that complements.

My favourite would have to be Salvation Daisy, I think they had some fun with that.

Check the clip for Far Out on YouTube – I envy Vicki getting to use the frame at Moorabool Station! The album is available on Bandcamp or direct from their gigs.

Ragee Sound
Reviewed by John Lamp
4/5 Stars