Victorian music acts are back and better than ever, here’s some you need to watch

Victorian music acts are back and better than ever, here’s some you need to watch

Words by Alice McDonald and Photography by Duncan Shaffer

These talented peeps are blessings to your ears

With live music finally well and truly back I’m absolutely kickin to head to every single gig coming up. Along with gigs, we’ve been seeing a huge increase in EP releases, debut albums and plenty of singles from up and coming artists as well as our old faves. Victoria is a melting pot for exciting new talent at the moment.

I’m here, as your guide, to get you in on the Victorian acts that you need to keep a close eye on right now. From folk to punk, it was very difficult to keep this list short but alas; here are some top Victorian acts you need to watch.


Telenova really are cinema for your ears. EP ‘Tranquilize’ has a real coolness to it with the titular track being the real stand out to me. If you like ‘Tranquilize’ so much you’ll love their EP of Tranquilize remixes featuring Stella artists such as Meija and Tim Zen.

Check the Meija remix out here.

Telenova fans are gearing up for a much anticipated gig this Sunday at The Night Cat in Fitzroy. What better way to compliment the cinema for your ears’ experience than to have Jade Alice supporting them.


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Jade Alice

Welcome to wonderland. There’s nothing more I can say about her music than that it truly takes you away into an animated old disney movie. Whether it’s Neverland or Wonderland, Jade Alice is such a treat to see live. Accompanied by her brother Ben and sister Nichola, this family of musicians absolutely love what they do and you can clearly tell.

Here’s my favourite: Dreaming

Jade Alice can be seen floating on air singing tracks such as ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Minty Kisses’ in chiffon blue clothing and beautiful fuzzy lighting. Seriously a game changer live and if you’re lucky, she might even throw in an ABBA number on the night.


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Bones and Jones

Nominated for best regional Victorian act at the Music Victoria Awards, Bones and Jones are an act to keep tabs on for sure. After releasing their latest album ‘Ginger Gold (Farm Singles)’ I can’t help but feel so in love with these cats.

An absolute fave of mine on their 2020 album ‘Bees’ is the track ‘Donna’. This lively and driven track is their most streamed track and is what got me into this 6 piece from Geelong and the Surfcoast. Their sound is lush, they’re super talented musos and seem like a pretty down to Earth bunch of buddies. They fit really well into the Australian summer anthem vibe for 2021 with their cheekiness and laid back feel.

Catch Bones and Jones alongside Folk Bitch Trio at The Curtin in Carlton on 20th November for one hell of a good gig.

Evie lulu

Now time for someone really underground but extremely promising. Evie LuLu is a southside Melbourne gal with a powerful voice and a whole lot of energy. Her debut EP release ‘An Ode to Whoever’ is coming out Monday 22nd November and if it’s anything like her other singles and live recordings, it’s gonna be an edgy and emotional ride.

Evie LuLu is seriously one to watch out for. Her raw and Earthy tone is enlightened by electric tracks and emotional strums of her guitar. The multi-instrumentalist has a promising future and a truly inspiring story and she is certainly about to take off after this EP release.

‘South Side’ shows a real grunge side in Evie LuLu and she has really achieved a new found confidence in her sound where her gentle and loving personality shines through in an invigorating way.

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