Vessel Born: Stateless

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Vessel Born: Stateless

Brisbane hardcore metal band Vessel Born have just released their brand new debut EP and, right from the beginning, it is a brutal listen. Kicking off with ‘Sleeping Giants’ this release really draws on the the heavy side of instrumentation and the heavy double kicks of the drums really drill into your soul. Having not seen Vessel Born due to the band being from Queensland, one can only imagine that their stage show they bring to the table, is twice as brutal as this release.

At times you can’t hear the lyrics due to the amount of heavy singing although this is what metal music is renowned for and if you are able to do it well, in which the singer in this group does, it is a welcomed talent. The pop and crackle of dropping the needle on a vinyl record on ‘Let Chaos Reign’ eludes to this album being recorded live and with old school recording techniques and equipment which is a really cool thing. If you like your music heavy and nearly piercing into your headphones, then this is for you. It’s local Aussie metal at its best and it’s how the big guys such as Parkway Drive got started. Check it out.

Out independently
Reviewed by Tex Miller